Subtitles for theatre

Create, edit, customize and screen subtitles in theatre shows.

Core features

Create subtitles 10x faster

Passing 500 lines from the script to subtitles takes about 40 minutes. From our experience it's about 10x faster than making subtitles using old methods.

Adjust all subtitles at once

Change font, its size, colors and position of text at screen at once. Adjust subtitles to projection size and aspect ratio, not the other way round.

Two languages in one file

Every translated line has its original meaning next to it. Therefore, screening of subtitles should not be necessarily operated by native speaker.

Made for translating

Create subtitles containing only lines in your language. Send the file to translator. He or she will translate lines using this app and send it back, ready for screening.

Screening mode

Only 3 buttons are needed for operating the screening. When needed, anything can by adjusted during the screening without anyone noticing.

Made with professionals

Subtitles for theatre is built with theatre professionals and directors. It's based on real screening, real shows, real scripts - and mainly: real problems.