Mobile surtitle screening

Screen surtitles to any device capable to run any modern internet browser.

Screen into mobile devices

Any mobile device capable of running modern browser may open a surtitle stream. Supported are iPhones, iPads, Android devices, Windows Phone, Firefox OS and other platforms. Plus, we have native iOS app.

Or into any modern browser

In case you'd need screen surtitles on remote display (too far from computer, in other room or different country), you may use Mobile stream as well. Just switch your browser window into fullscreen.

To start your stream, you don't need to be a rocket scientist

All you need is to set name of your stream, then you may launch your screening. The address you set as your stream name will be available for stream purely from device you'll set it on (no other device could start streaming on same device in following 24 hours).

Get started with Subtitles for theatre

Use it free for unlimited time, pay when you screen for real audience.